Here are some blogging resources that I have used past and present to ensure the running of the blog goes smooth…ish. As a new blogger, it is hard to know which resources are worth the investment and which are well.. a bit rubbish. The following are the blogging resources that I personally use and trust.

blogging resources

I’m gonna be as transparent as a ghost in the daylight here and state that some of these links are affiliate links. I may make a small commision if you decide to purchase anything. But never fear, it won’t cost you any extra. It’ll just ensure that a wee happy dance is danced

Site Hosting

SiteGround is the web host that I have used. My blog Little Adventures is run off SiteGround. They offer a range of packages that will suit your needs from the el-cheapo to the el-less-cheapo. I recommend them, especially for new bloggers as they make the whole startup process mucho easier. When I was a newbie (well, I am still a newbie. But when I was even more of a newbie) I found that it was straightforward and simple to move my free WordPress site to a SiteGround hosted WordPress site. It just required a few clicks of a button. Boom!

Web Hosting

BlueHost is another hosting provider I have used (in fact, I am using it right now on Jem Bakker). I have heard mixed reviews about BlueHost but I have had no negative experiences with them at all. They have been helpful when I came into trouble installing my SSL certificate (newb probs) and got it sorted quick smart. Ka Pai!

Social Media Automation

Tailwind is my favourite Pinterest tool. It is simple to use and doesn’t take much to set it up. There are lots of videos and guides to help you along the way if you need to use them. I used the free trial before I committed myself to it and sure enough, got addicted so had to upgrade. Tailwind enabled you to pin all day, every day without actually spending much time on Pinterest at all which is super handy if you don’t have hours to spend on social media. Which, lets face it, outside of scrolling Facebook aimlessly, who does?

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

BoardBooster is another Pinterest automation tool that enables you to spend all day every day pinning without actually being on Pinterest allllll day every day. It does take a bit more figuring out than Tailwind but there are plenty of tips + tricks out there to help you get started such as Pageviews from Pinterest (not an affiliate, but I learned so much by completing this course, annnnd Krista even put my review on her page. It feels like when a celebrity acknowledges your existence…).

Buffer is a social media automation tool that posts to a number of different services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Buffer offers a free version (the one I use) and a paid one that unlocks features including more accounts, more scheduled posts and multiple posting schedules. I find the free version is more than enough for what I need though. I am not an affiliate for Buffer but use it regularly.


The Affiliate Marketing Training Bundle by Ana from The She Approach is a comprehensive bundle that introduces you to affiliate marketing and teaches you the basics. Perfect if you are new to blogging and don’t know where to start. Included is an eBook, a collection of 300+ affiliate programs, handpicked by Ana, a spreadsheet perfect for tracking all those sales you are going to make, video tutorials and case studies. What more do you need to kickstart your affiliate marketing success story?

The She Approach to Boosting your Blog Traffic is an in-depth book targeting new bloggers who feel frustrated with their lack of traffic (holds hand up in the sky, me!!). Ana teaches you to find your ideal reader, perfect SEO so you don’t have to spend hundreds on advertising and how to master social media. All in one handy book.

Stuck with how to grow your Instagram? Posting regularly but not seeing any results? Helene from Helene In Between may just have the answers for you. In her eBook Instagram Unlocked:¬†How to Gain Followers and Engagement That Lasts, Helene teaches you the science behind Instagram, how to strategize your Instagram and loads more. This chick knows what shes talkin’ bout. Want to really up your InstaGame? Check out her presets to instantly edit your ‘ehhh’ photos to ‘ahhh’ photos to stop people from scrollin’ right on past your latest pic.


SendOwl makes it easy to sell your digital creations online. SendOwl sends money directly to your PayPal/Stripe account and has a monthly fixed payment, so even if you start earning more, you won’t end up paying more. You will receive great support if you need it and they are an independent business which means they are focused on their customers – not their investors. You can also make money by joining affiliate programs annnd have a 30-day free trial. What’s to lose?


Affiliate Programs

ShareASale provides a place for both merchants and affiliates to work together to grow their businesses. It is free to sign up, once you are signed up just search the 1000’s of merchants to find one that suits and market the pants off them. Be sure to check out individual merchants T’s and C’s as they all differ. It is an easy way to find a business that you believe in and want to support in any niche. is a great way to promote products to your readers that you think they will benefit from. Just search in the product bar and the internet is your oyster! It’s easy to join and straightforward to use. There are a few rules when using Amazon but they are all laid out in the T’s and C’s so make sure to give them a thorough read before you do anything else. You can also find a wealth of blogging resources from planners to mugs (!) to books on how to make money blogging

More blogging resources will be added as I find them, I am still feeling my way through this whole blogging thing as well!




blogging resources