Who here wants 2018 to be the best year yet? Can I have a, “hell yeah!” or simply a “yeah, ok”?

That’s the spirit!

Put your positive pants on


Positivity Jar main pin

Before we get down to business yo, I just need to mention that there are affiliate links in this post. Ya’ll don’t have to click on them but if you do decide to buy yo’self a little something something I will get a small commission. But don’t worry, it won’t cost you any extra whatsoever. Boom!


Soooo, like, what is a positivity jar?

The concept of a positivity jar is simple. It’s a jar full of positivity. Reeeeally, Jem? Duh!

A positivity jar is something that doesn’t have to be done each and every day, you don’t want it to turn into a chore. But at least 4-5 times a week write on a little post-it note or piece of paper something amazing that happened that day. Something that made you smile, your favourite song, anything that makes you feel smashing.

On the Eve of 2019 bust open your jar and voila, a jar full of memories and fun things that happened throughout the year spill out.


Why should I bother filling up a jar with random pieces of paper?

‘coz it’s fun! A positivity jar is a great way to relive the smaller moments of the year that often get forgotten in the midst of the bigger moments. Studies have shown that the more you focus on the positive, the more you train your brain to find them. Surely that isn’t a bad thing?

Let go of that negativity sista (or brotha). Ain’t no one got time for that.

Life is short, make the most of all those smaller, fun, daily joys.


Positivity jar pin with quote


What the frick frack do I put in a positivity jar?

Anything! Everything!

Had a bad day and can’t think of anything to write? Chuck in your favourite joke

Feeling a bit meh and blah? Write about that time you broke into fits of laughter so hard you couldn’t breathe.

A stranger paid you a compliment? Fab! Note it down.

You nailed that thing you have been trying to do for ages? Boom! There’s ya today’s fab thing that happened.

I have concocted a wee resource of prompts for those days your mind has had a brain fart. Fo free yo. Pop it on the fridge or beside your bed so that is there staring you in the face. Reminding you that you have a mission to complete. It won’t judge you. Pinky promise.

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Buuut because I’m quite nice I’ll give you a few prompts to get ya started.



Positivity Jar Prompts


A family-oriented activity

A positivity jar is a great way to teach your kids to look on the bright side of life and look for the fun in each day. Get them to write about what they did with their friends at school, what new skill they learned at school that they are proud of or if their sports team had a victory and so on and so forth.

Write about that family trip to the beach, what everyone got on their birthday’s, what homemade gift they made for you for Mother’s Day.

This handy wee jar encourages children to think about what they enjoyed, learned, and did throughout the day. They can then relive all those moments at the end of the year that they may have forgotten in the hustle and bustle of life. It could be a new tradition.


Positivity Jar Example


Where should I keep this so-called “Positivity Jar”?

Somewhere visible. These jars are confident, jock-types that like to sit front and centre. They like to show off in all their positivity-ness glory. Make them happy and put it right on where you will see it. Your dressing table (almost wrote dressing gown. Don’t put it in your dressing gown), your kitchen window sill. Though if you put it on the window sill it might fad from the sun. Assuming you live somewhere where the sun shines. English peeps you should be safe (burn! Sorry my English friends. I lived in England for 18 months and the thing I missed the most about New Zealand was the sun. I promise I am not picking on you).

Anywho, getting back on track. The point of the paragraph was to keep your jar somewhere where you are gonna see it each and every day. Just seeing it will remind you of the AWESOME shizz you have been doin’ all year. That’s gotta be a cool thing. Plus it may provide a nice talking piece.

“Hey what’s that jar doing there? Why is it full of rubbish?”

“That’s not rubbish! That’s my amazing 2018 so far. In it is the joke I made up that encouraged tumbleweeds to roll by, the time I hiked up that really big hill and I literally thought I was going to die and that time my favourite chocolate was on special at the supermarket when I went in for apples” (note: this is actually what is in my jar)

“Oh, where did you hike?”

Thus, a conversation ensues.


positivity jar pin


When can I open my jar?

On the Eve of 2019. No sooner, don’t be a cheater. If you do it with your family you can all sit down together and relive your favourite moments of 2018. A positivity jar is a great way to relive the smaller moments of the year that often get forgotten in the midst of the bigger momentsYou could even pick out your top three notes and pop them on the fridge as a reminder of what you achieved in 2018


Ok, I am in! What do I need?

Well, you need a jar. Obvs. You can find them at most homeware stores, dollar stores or second-hand shops. Alternatively, you can search Amazon and be inundated with options such as the jar above.

Some notepaper. You can be a bit creative, you can buy endless notepaper from bright and colourful to plain and simple. Most department, stationary, book, dollar stores and supermarkets sell notepaper. Again, you can search Amazon and find loads of funky notepaper sets.
 You need summat to write on ya paper with, what better than colourful pens? You can find a plethora of fun pens at most stores. Oooorrrr you can search Amazon and buy up a storm all from the comfort of your jammies.

And that’s it. Easy peasy huh?


Whatd’ya reckon? Gonna start your own positivity jar? I’d love to see photos of your jar in progress, feel free to send them through or write a little comment about how you are finding adding to yours.




Positivity Jar example


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